Glass Splashbacks make a dramatic statement.

The sleek design, easy-to-clean, high gloss finish and infinite colour and design choices make glass a highly desirable finish.

We will advise you on layout, design and colour selection to fit the right product with your lifestyle and reflect your individual style and taste.

Your product will be custom manufactured in Melbourne.

We take pride in ensuring the process from consult, manufacture to installation is seamless.



  • Painted glass
  • Printed glass
  • Mirrored glass



  • 6mm toughened low iron glass
  • Vivant painted glass, Maxim printed glass and Maxim toughened mirror


Clear Glass (High Iron) VS Low Iron Glass 

  • Clear glass is colourless and transparent when viewed face on, however when viewed on the edge, the clear glass has a green tinge due to the presence of iron oxide found naturally in the raw materials used to produce glass.
  • When used as a painted glass splashback the paint colour will be distorted by the green tinge. Light colours are most susceptible to this, while the impact is minimal on dark colours.
  • Low Iron glass is ideal for displaying true colour clarity. This clarity is achieved by removing most of the iron oxide in the glass.
  • Maxim Glass Splashbacks and Panels are manufactured with Low Iron glass.

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